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Are You Ready For Our Invisalign® Digital Smile Day?

*BEST INVISALIGN® PRICES ALL YEAR!* *AVAILABLE ON OCTOBER 4TH ONLY!* If you are looking for the right time to start your Invisalign treatment, we have the perfect opportunity for you! We are very excited to announce some of our best prices on Invisalign® ALL YEAR! Please join us on Tuesday October 4th for our Invisalign® […]

5 Unbelievable Celebrity Dental Transformations!

People usually view celebrities as the paragons of beauty, with perfectly white teeth that they effortlessly maintain. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. Celebrities are just like you and I. Some of them have had some absolutely wild dental transformations, and we’d love to share with you a couple of our favorites!   […]

Managing Dental Anxiety

It’s May 22nd.    This is now the fourth dentist’s appointment you have scheduled, having bailed on the last three due to last minute panic attacks.    At that point, paying the cancellation fee was worth it to calm your nerves down.   You think to yourself, “It’s just the dentist’s office, I’m one hundred […]

How To Improve Your Dental Care In 5 Simple Steps

At Crozet Family Dental, we’re focused on caring for our patients’ dental needs. As the go-to Crozet Dentists, our patients’ dental care is important to us, in or outside of our office, so we’ve put together a small list of how you can easily improve your daily routine and dentist visits for better overall dental […]