September means parents are starting to think about the upcoming school year. One thing all parents will undoubtedly be worrying about is their childrens’ health. Your childrens’ dental health should also be of paramount concern as well, as bad breath, tooth decay, canker sores, and numerous other dental problems can cause a large amount of issues in your child’s life both in-school and out. Dental health actually plays a huge role in the overall health of your body, as your mouth is the largest orifice to the inside of your body! Here are some of Crozet Family Dental’s favorite tips for keeping your children’s health on track during the school year!


Preemptively Schedule Your Child’s Dentists Appointment


Especially near the beginning of the academic calendar, school years are extremely hectic and busy times. This may cause people to forget scheduling their dental appointments. Crozet Family Dental encourages you to schedule your appointments right after your visits so that the task doesn’t get lost in the commotions of life. If this does not happen, we recommend that you schedule your appointments for your children before the school year starts, so that you do not forget. Crozet Family Dental always sends reminders via text and phone to make sure you don’t miss your appointment as well!


Reinforce a Daily Dental Hygiene Schedule With Your Kids


Schedules are extra important during a child’s younger years, as not developing a strong dental hygiene routine with them in their younger years will set them up for poor dental health and numerous dental illnesses later on in their life. Make sure that they brush their teeth once in the morning and once before they go to bed, and reinforce the habit by setting yourself as an example. They should also be flossing once per day to reach those hard-to-reach surfaces of your teeth!


Get a Mouthguard For Your Sporty kids


Many sports do not require mouthguards, so it is important for you to take the initiative to reinforce the habit of wearing a mouthguard before practice/play. You can also talk to your dentist about getting custom mouthguards made for your child, so that they have a comfortable, snug fitting mouthguard that they have no issues keeping on for extended periods of intense physical activity. Taking this preemptive measure might save you thousands of dollars in implant costs later!


Pack Healthy Snacks For Lunch


Fruits and veggies that crunch, like apples, carrots, and celery, remove plaque from teeth during the chewing process, and also freshen your breath. Vitamin C and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables fortify your gums and help them fight against periodontal disease! 

Nowadays, most grocery stores have pre-packaged vegetables in the correct portions for your kids so you can make sure they’re getting all of the nutrients that they need during lunchtime!


Make your return to school a bright one with these tips for keeping your children’s health on track during the school year! Schedule your visit with Crozet Family Dental now!



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